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A Must Have RV Accessory!

Level Mate Pro

The biggest pain for us when setting up our trailer is leveling out. Especially when you are BLM camping, the ground can be very uneven. After reading countless reviews, we decided it was time to updgrade our manual level to the level mate pro. Total game changer. It was slightly on the more expensive side, but I would say it is worth the money.

When setting up, you want to pick an easily accessible and level area to mount the device. We decided to mount ours underneath in the storage compartment on the wood framing, rather than the inside of the trailer. We found a nice wood beam that we were able to easily access and install. If we installed it inside the cabin of the trailer, we felt it would be more of a hassle to access as you are trying to set up. Use of the product is very simple. You simply turn on, and it connects to the app on your phone wirelessly providing you with your current trailer position. The best part is that Brandan can have this turned on his phone while backing up and he is able to see if we are level without having to get out and check every time.

We can move the trailer in the space we have to be able to find the most level ground, as well as height we need if using level blocks. Having this device, cuts our setting up time in half for sure. Always remember to keep extra batteries, because eventually you will need to replace the batteries. And remember; always keep a back up level. You never know, technology can fail, phone battery goes, things happen. Always keep a level if needed. This was a very helpful upgrade and I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who like to BLM camp on rough terrain.


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