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Trip Update: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine April 2021

This was our first time in Alabama Hills. Unfortunately, when we arrived, finding a spot was nearly impossible. This area has grown so much and popularity has increased, so sometimes finding a spot is hard. On this particular weekend, Alabama Hills was super crowded. We decided to try and head over to a campground down the road called Tuttle Creek. This is a first come first serve developed campground that was about $5/per night. We were able to snag two spots next to the creek for us and Brandan’s parents for a few days. The creek actually ran directly under out campsite, and the sound of the waterflow was so peaceful at night. The spots at this campground were quite large, equipped with a table and fire pit. We would come back and stay here again for sure. The only thing we ran into was, during the winter season, water and the dump station are closed, but during the summer season, it is re-opened at the campground. For some reason, the stations were not open, even though it was considered summer season, so if you are planning to head out there, be sure you prepare for a potential that the stations will not be open. We did fill up ahead of time for a small charge at Bolder Creek Campground which is just a few miles away.

Around the area, there is a lot of exploring within Alabama Hills. There are several hikes, all different lengths and difficulties. The most famous one is the Mobius Arch. We took some of the dirt roads deep into Alabama Hills, getting out and exploring the famous spots, climbing some rocks and taking in the scenery. There are also a lot of great fishing areas in and around Lone Pine. Lone Pine and Alabama Hills has a lot of history. Learning about the movies, history and story behind the town is fascinating. We would definitely come back.


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