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Back to our favorite place!

One of our favorite places to camp near us is Mammoth. We really enjoy BLM camping, and there is tons of that in Mammoth. There are also a lot of developed BLM campgrounds as well. We love the freedom of having more space, being more in nature and off the road in the back woods.

We headed out for a summer trip to Mammoth with some friends. We had a fun trip fill of hiking, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors. Some our favorite areas to stay there are Hartley Springs, which is more of a developed campground. This is known for dirt bikes, and ATV riding, so it can get quite loud and rowdy. The times we have stayed there, everyone for the most part was respectful when driving around the campground. Another area we like is BLM camping off Owens River Road. There are a ton of spaces off the main road that you can find more secluded and back in the woods for more privacy. There is the local RV park in town, which comes at a cost but is open all year round. There are countless of other developed campgrounds in the area, which we haven’t had the chance to stay at.

If you haven’t been to Mammoth, it should definitely be on your list. There is just so much to do and explore in the area, sometimes trips seem to short.


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