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Berdoo Canyon Trail

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We decided to spend ours taking Berdoo Canyon into Joshua Tree NP. From interstate 10, the first half is slow and rocky. Only a few places where we had to get out and spot. Near the last part of the trail, it gets tricky with the final climb up a rocky bend. The current ground clearance of the crosstrek got us through, but we weren't able to take the most optimal lines because of it. Maybe it’s time to think about lifts?

Airing down a bit a the trailhead to help smooth out the ride and reduce the likelihood of popping a tire on the rocky trail.

Genie keeping up just fine with the 4Runner throughout the trail!

Had to rock the American flag since it was 4th of July!

Subaru Crosstrek offroading berdoo canyon trail

We decided to take the 4Runner as well since we did not know how the trail was going to be. Having the 4Runner out in front to scout the trail was a nice little safety cushion! Always travel with a buddy if possible, never know what may happen on the trail!

Subaru Crosstrek exploring trails with toyota 4runner offroad

Very rocky trail! And it was so hot when we went! It got up to 106F and sunny so we got sun burnt. It was a fun getaway for the holiday weekend and we can't wait to see what other trails are out there in the area!

Subaru Crosstrek offroading berdoo canyon trail


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