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Big Bear Adventures

Big Bear -2017

Headed out to Big Bear, Ca for some off roading and camping! There are a lot of options for camping up in Big Bear. We like to utilize the yellow post sites, which are dispersed camping. There are tons of sites throughout the fire service roads, and they are well marked. You want to be sure to stop by the discovery center in town to get your fire permit pass, and a map, which shows all the sites. We stayed off the 38, about 15 minutes from town, on a fire service road at a yellow post site. We set up camp, and enjoyed the beautiful weather, and some good food.

The next day we headed off to explore and check out Butler’s peak. This is a fire lookout station located at the very top of a long dirt path. I want to say it was a good 9 mile trek. Would definitely recommend a high clearance vehicle, as some of the areas were quite rocky and steep. There were a few people hiking up, however the majority of people were traveling by car. Once to the top, the views are spectacular.

It was a short few nights here in Big Bear. We explored around town, some back roads, as well as enjoyed the lake. Big Bear is only a few hours from home, so it was the perfect weekend get away.


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