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Car Update: Genie Gets A Bumper Guard & Skid Plate!

Hello! We are back again with another car update! Today, we have the LP Aventure Small Bumper Guard and Front Skid Plate to install! After much thought, we decided to go with LP Aventure Small Bumper Guard, mainly because of the way it looks! We love the dainty/low-key look of it and of course, the protection it offers when we go off-roading!

Here's some photos of the LP Aventure small bumper guard:

Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure small bumper guard for offroad
Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure front bumper guard and plate

We also decided to get the LP Aventure front skid plate:

Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure front skid plate and bumper guard

Didn't get around to mounting the small front plate yet, we will have to take care of that next weekend! Loving how it turned out! Lost some front end clearance for sure, and will definitely be needing a lift ASAP! Installation wasn't hard at all. A jack and stands helps get just enough room to slide under the car. The hardest part is getting the braces mounted up at the top as there is very little room to work with and get leverage. Once the original bolts are out, it is smooth from there on out, a ratcheting wrench helps get those bolts back in.

Here it is installed:

Subaru Crosstrek with LP Aventure front skid plate installed
Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure front small bumper guard installed

Some before and after shots:

Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure bumper guard before and after

So happy with this bumper guard! Can't wait to take it out soon for better photos!

Subaru Crosstrek LP Aventure bumper guard before and after

We had some fun and made a quick video behind the scenes of the install!

We still have to install the front plate but we did not have a rivet gun available! Stay tuned for the second part of this install where we install the finishing touches! Even without the front plate it still looks good! So happy with this purchase and to see that it's starting to come together!

Alrighty, that sums up this blog post! See you on the next one and happy modding!


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