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Car Update: Mirror Pod Lights

Hello trek friends! We have another install day today! We have had these Crawford mirror pod brackets for a while and was just waiting on the lights to arrive! Today was the day, we finally had everything needed for the install!

Subaru Crosstrek mirror pod light brackets crawford performance

We went with the popular Cali Raised LED pod lights, the side projectors really interested us and we had to try them! Great quality, and everything needed to a easy install was included!

Subaru Crosstrek side projecting cali raised led pod lights

The install was straight forward, and took no more than 10 minutes to mount the brackets and lights.

Installing mirror pod light brackets Subaru Crosstrek

Running the wiring harness was definitely the most time consuming part, but even that didn't take very long. Having small arms/hands or a long tool to help guide the wiring through the tight corners is extremely helpful!

Subaru Crosstrek wiring harness install for pod lights

The final product! Lighting during the install wasn't great (pun intended) so the photos don't do justice.

Subaru Crosstrek with side mirror pod lights

Here's a shot from another angle:

Subaru Crosstrek crawford performance mirror brackets

Here it is all lit up. We're really liking the side projected lights!

Subaru Crosstrek mirror pod lights with brackets installed

Better photos are coming soon. We are going to have to take Genie out for a shoot soon. Still waiting on the big items :)

Subaru Crosstrek overland build offroad

That is all for now! See you all on the next blog to see what we're doing next!

Happy modding!


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