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Fridge Issues~Solutions! SetPower AJ50 Practical Uses for RV Owners!

On our last trip, we noticed our RV fridge was not cooling on propane. If we plug it in to the generator or power, it would run, but something with the propane was not working. This was a huge bummer. Since we store our trailer in storage, we like to start up the fridge the night before and get it cold so we can stock it up for our trip when we get back to load up. We took it in to get fixed, and was told the issue was resolved. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We were now stuck with no fridge and getting ready to head out on our next adventure. Thankfully my brother loaned us his Set Power AJ50 Fridge so we could keep our food cold on our long drive. This fridge was a life saver!! We plugged it in to our Goal Zero and threw it in the back of the truck stocked up with all our food needs. I love that I was able to take the basket out and fill it up and organize it in my kitchen and take it back and it dropped nicely right in. At first I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit everything, but I was able to put so much more in that basket than I thought. I organized our food based off our meal plan, putting the meals for the last days on the bottom. I loved the small interior compartment for more of my produce and items such as butter, which kept it cold, but not too cold.

setpower aj50 portable camping fridge freezer

The fridge was very easy to maneuver. I kept it outside and was able to plug it into our trailer once we arrived at our camp spot, and I was able to move it easily inside as needed. The temperature was regulated well, and our food stayed fresh. If we did not have this, I am not sure what we would have done with our food as I was in charge of meals for 5 people.

setpower aj50 portable camping fridge freezer rv living

Normally, we do not need a fridge as we have a nicely sized one inside our trailer, but I think this is a great thing to have for situations like this, or even to use just got drinks, versus always needing to get ice and restock. On the eco mode, I was able to use the goal zero for a total of 3 almost 4 days. It used such a little amount of charge/energy. At that 3-4 day mark, I plugged in our solar, recharged up our goal zero and we were good for another few days. I would highly recommend this fridge for anyone who dry camps, boondocks, or as a backup or secondary fridge for RVs. It is the same size as your average cooler and a great alternative.

setpower aj50 portable camping fridge freezer rv living


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