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Gear Review: BlackStone Griddle

One of my favorite things about camping is the food! I mean who doesn’t love a great campsite, a great view and delicious food! Our previous trailer came with a small BBQ that we could attach to the back of our bumper. Only problem was, the heat was so poorly distributed, that nothing cooked evenly and it could never get hot enough. The small Coleman stoves are great, but the grill versions don’t work great and they are small. Also, with a BBQ you are limited on what you can cook. I was not able to make pancakes, or anything using a skillet or griddle. I had been eyeing the Blackstone griddle, but was worried it would be one of those purchases that just didn’t hold up to its worth. Let me tell you, I was proven wrong!

I cook pretty much everything on my Blackstone. We purchased the larger size, 22inch griddle, because I wanted to be able to cook my whole meal all at once and have the option of two burners for two heating zones. And I am not joking when I say I literally cook pretty much everything on this thing from pancakes, steaks, fried rice, pizzas, peaches, cookies…everything! I like having the two heating zones being that it is a double burner.

I will say the 22inch is heavy! It is a well-built heavy-duty griddle. I am not sure how much lighter the 17inch is in comparison, but I prefer the larger one for sure. I did end up buying the stand, because we didn’t always have a sturdy table at our campsites. The stand is kind of annoying to pack up and set up. But once it is set up, it is really nice having but setting it up is tricky. Another reason I wanted the larger size was for the hood top. I like being able to close the lid for cooking purposes, keeping that heat in, but also so that the elements of the outdoors don’t end up in my food!

Unfortunately, we did have an issue with our propane pressure regulator that came with our blackstone. It did go out maybe less than a year after having it. This was a super easy fix and easily found purchase. We ordered a new one on amazon and the problem was resolved. Overall, this griddle is amazing; I love it and wouldn’t want to cook on anything else.


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