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Gear Review: SetPower RV45

Went outside to a nice surprise sitting out front! Another fridge for us to test out, and we are really impressed with this one right out of the box. It gave us some features we were hoping for in some of their other models we have tested, I'll give a quick breakdown below.

This is the RV45 model, a 45L/47QT model. A slight upgrade from our previous 37QT unit. One thing we noticed initially was although it has a larger capacity, it didn't feel bigger dimension wise. Checking up on their site, in fact it is narrower and shorter while only being about two inches longer. We like the sleek design of this with an aluminum body compared to many other plastic bodies. We have yet to test if you can safely stand on it, although it seems pretty solid. It has two latches, that are easily opened even with one hand. While it may not be as quick as a single latch, it feels like the seal is a little bit tighter, so hopefully that'll hold the temperature better especially when its off. Other than that, spring loaded handles on the side will help get them out of your way and keep a lower profile.

One of the features the RV45 has that we have been hoping for a built in LED light on the inside. This is huge for us, as the last fridge we were using we were holding our phone flashlight in one hand, while digging through the fridge with the other. Which brings me to my next feature...

They have two removable baskets on the inside! Another feature that we found to be super helpful for keeping stuff organized and from falling all over when looking for that pack of bacon on the bottom of the fridge.

This unit has the display on the end near the bottom leaving the majority of the fridge body clean and simple. Some may say its in an odd position, but if you plan to leave it inside the rig on a slide, it'll be right in front of you when you open your trunk. Haven't decided how we feel on this yet. This display is as clear as it gets when it comes to labeling, a different look than the previous 3 button setup.

Headed out soon on another trip and will be doing a real world test on this one and another model that is on its way.


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