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Gear Review: SetPower RV45 Portable Freezer/Fridge

We highly recommend checking out our Portable Fridges vs Coolers article if you have not yet! Once again we are taking a look at SetPower's fridge lineup as seen here!

We have been lucky to be able to try nearly all of the SetPower fridges available in their lineup over the past year. Recently we received their RV45 model as a larger upgrade from our previous TC35 unit. Yet again we are extremely pleased with their units in a very expensive market dominated by other brands such as ARB, and Dometic. Below we break down some of our initial thoughts and the pros and cons we have noticed after several trips with the RV45.

Right off the back you notice the size of the large aluminum body. This unit is a whopping 47QT's of usable space for all your necessities. If you are like us and like to pack a lot of food and drinks, you will understand that every quart makes a difference. Those who restricted by size in their vehicle, some of their smaller units may be a better fit. The aluminum body gives it protection against all the wear and tear you will endure in the field. A neat feature is spring loaded handles on both sides, that easily tuck away and are out of your way when not in use.

Like a majority of their fridges, the RV45 boasts a temperature range of : 0℉-50℉ meaning you can use it as a fridge or freezer. Although the physical size is large, it is still a single zone unit. SetPower has mentioned to us that they are coming out with a dual zone unit in the near future! Similar to their other fridges, it is powered by either a DC 12/24V, and or an AC Adapter 110-240V. Also, the fridge comes with their dual mode feature which consists of a Max mode (for fast cooling), and an ECO mode (for energy saving). We usually set it to Max mode to get it cooled down and then switch over to ECO mode to maintain the temperature. We always keep it on Eco mode when camping to minimize the power draw on our Goal Zero powerbank. SetPower offers a 2 year warranty on the compressor and 1 year for all other parts for peace of mind.

Taking a look at the inside, one feature we really appreciate that we did not find on the TC35 is a built in LED light. This is super helpful when looking through the fridge at night. One thing we really appreciate is the removable baskets. This allows you to carry and position the fridge while empty and then it is just a matter of dropping the baskets inside with your items. This is especially helpful when loading up before heading off, simply bring the baskets inside to load up, and drop it in to the fridge waiting in the car! One feature we enjoy is the interior guidelines for proper food storing temperatures. As someone who doesn't know off their top of their head the ideal temperature for items, this is a small but very helpful feature!

Like many others on the market, one of the most vital features would be the built in battery protection. It offers three levels of protection low, medium, and high that will automatically cut off if you battery drops below a certain voltage. This is super important for those looking to power it directly off their vehicle and are worried about it killing their car battery. While we consider a portable jump starter one of our essential items we do not go without, carrying a portable jump start is always a great backup in general to have.

You may be wondering about the noise, and how loud it is. Well we have spent many nights sleeping inside our car with the fridge running, and have had no trouble with the noise of the compressor running. As far as the power draw, we have noticed about 50 watts when the compressor is running, and when it is off, there is no power draw. A tip we learned is if you are running it off a goal zero or similar power supply, use the 12V cigarette lighter and not the household AC adapter. When using the AC power, the goal zero requires some power to run the inverter.

You may be wondering what are some of the downsides to portable fridges, or this RV45 in particular. One thing you will notice before taking it out of the box is the weight. Powered fridges will always be heavier than a cooler, and the RV45 is no exception. The RV45 come in at around 46lbs empty. Follow our technique to load up the baskets before dropping into the fridge to reduce the additional weight!

While it comes in at an affordable price tag, sometimes 1/3d the price of competitors, there are some features you are giving up. One feature not available is Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to monitor your temperature from a distance. A lot of users like to be able to monitor their fridge temperature from the drivers seat. For us, this was never a need, and if it is something we wanted, we could pickup a Bluetooth thermometer from Amazon for relatively cheap.

We had been in the market for a fridge for a while, but even with how often we camped and how nice it would be, we still couldn't justify the price. That is when we came across SetPower, who offers budget friendly alternatives to the pricey mainstream brands.

One thing many reviews may not mention is customer service. We try to review products on more than just their products, and include our experience with them as a whole. We tend to gravitate towards brands who stand behind their products and provide quality customer service. SetPower has been top notch when it comes to communication. When I had a simple question about the unit, they were quick to respond and always made sure we felt welcome to provide feedback. To this day we have stayed in touch with SetPower and our experiences have only validated our opinions.

We highly recommend checking them out for yourself. They have numerous options available, and there is surely one to fit your needs. We are looking forward to many more products SetPower brings to the market!

Check them out here: SetPower RV45S


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