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Gear Review: SetPower TC35

A fairly recent addition to our camping gear has been a portable fridge from our friends over at SetPower! This is their TC35 model which is a 37QT size, but they also offer a TC20 model in a 21QT. We have been using an RTIC45 cooler on nearly every trip in the past, and always wanted the convenience of a portable fridge. We no longer have to worry about if our ice is melting and ruining our food, or if we need to leave camp to pick up some more. One of the biggest pros that fridges offer is the space saving from not having to fill the cooler with ice. There is so much lost space when you have to fill it with ice, and we are able to fit a lot more food and drinks in a smaller size fridge.

This model has a few features that let you customize it to your preferences. Some noteable features we enjoy are the detachable wheels, built in soft rope handles, and bottle opener. A unique point is the 2 way door design that gives you access no matter which side you can reach! With a respectable temperature range of -4℉ to 68℉ there is nothing it cannot do!

Like many of the other fridges on the market, it offers a variable battery voltage protection so you never have to worry about it draining your car battery. The display is simple yet clean with nice responsive buttons.

On the exterior, it provides four recessed cupholders that make it a perfect side table around the campsite. An interior rubber seal helps keep the temperature down even when the compressor is off.

Power wise we have been using our Yeti Goal Zero 400, and just last week we picked up a RockPals 100W solar panel from Amazon. Our initial hopes was that the solar panel would simply provide us an extra day or so of charge that would get us through our longer trips. We were so surprised with the performance of this little setup, and it kept our goal zero 100% charged the entire trip! This a very basic setup that will not break the bank and is perfect for the weekend warrior looking to get a portable fridge setup.

We have been putting this fridge to the test over the last couple trips, and feel like this is well worth its price. At roughly 1/3 the price of brands like Dometic, you can't complain. They come with a 2 year compressor warranty, and 1 year warranty on all other parts. Beyond that, if you ever have to replace it you are still saving money when compared to spending nearly $1k on alternatives. We have yet to have any issues and will continue to be our go to fridge setup. We are working with SetPower closely on future products and will be testing more of their products. Their customer service from the start has been outstanding, and one of the reasons we gravitated towards them. We are working on getting a discount code setup for our followers, and we will be sure to let everyone know when it is available!


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