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Gear Review: Yeti Goal Zero

One of the more expensive but vital items we own is our Yeti Goal Zero 400. The ability to have a huge power source no matter where we go is hard to beat. This has been our go to for the last several years and has never let us down. From powering camp lights, portable fridges, charging phones, and all of our camera gear these things are a life saver.

Pairing these power banks with a solar panel will keep you fully charged throughout your trip. We recently got the chance to set up our 100W solar panel to supply our Yeti and we are extremely satisfied with this setup for our needs. This is one of their smaller sizes, although physically it is definitely by no means small or light. Even this is sufficient to power our fridge for a few days on a single charge.

While these are incredibly useful, they are also quite expensive. Depending on the size you're looking at a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. That investment isn't locked up in something you would only use for camping, as they have unlimited uses around the house or in the garage. Even in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster you can keep your devices and electronics alive.

The variety of ports gives you limitless possibilities. A built in display lets you know exactly how much power you are inputting and drawing. This helps us accurately measure how effective our solar panel is on a real time basis. We can reposition our solar to get the most efficient charge by simply reading the input on the display.

While this guy has been a workhorse for us, we are looking to upgrade to a larger size in the future as we expand our camp electronics. We have seen and heard great things about other brands such as Jackery, RockPals, and EcoFlow, and would love to see how they compare! Stay tuned for future comparisons and reviews!


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