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Grand Adventures at the Grand Canyon

Little did we know, there is a ton of BLM dispersed camping right outside the Grand Canyon. We found a nice spot, quite secluded right outside on a fire service road.

Weather though was not in our favor. A storm was heading in. We headed up into our tent early for the night as the thunder rolled in. The next day the weather cleared up and we were able to explore around in the park and check out the sites.

We started heading back home and pulled in late at night at a campground right off the highway. It was a self service campground, we just placed our money right in the box and set up for a night's rest before we made the rest of the trek home. When we pulled in the night before it was pitched black, we woke up to the most stunning view and sunrise on the red rocks. We decided to stay for a little and take in the views before heading home.


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