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Mammoth Lakes Exploring

And we are back!! We couldn’t wait to come back to Mammoth and try out some new camp spots. This time, we have our new trailer! We planned to meet up with Brandan’s parents at a BLM campground called Hartley Springs. They have an airstream trailer, so we were excited to meet up with them and hopefully learn some real time tips and tricks with our trailer. The campground was huge and quite crowded! Thankfully we were able to snag two spots right next to each other. Our spot was spacious and surrounded by big beautiful trees. We set up camp and enjoyed catching up with his parents.

We got up really early and headed down to Rainbow Falls and Devils Post Pile. Since we have dogs, we were told that a shuttle is needed and muzzles must be used due to other passengers. When we were at the visitor center, they told us that if you get there before 6am, before the guard gates open, you are able to drive in and just pay on your way out. This allowed us to bring in the dogs with our own vehicle. It was also a bonus getting there early as there were not as many people or cars. We decided to check out Devils Post Pile National Monument first, which was a short 0.4 mile easy hike. We then headed down to Rainbow Falls Trail. This was about a 5 mile round trip hike. It was fairly easy to moderate hike at times. The views were incredible. Wildlife all around. We were greeted by several deer along the trail. Since we went so early, there were barely any people, but on the way back towards the end, the parking lot was full and you could tell the shuttles were dropping people off as it got quite crowded.

We took the rest of the day back at camp , relaxing. This was a short trip, but we did enjoy some hikes, local breweries and a little fishing too!


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