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Montana De Oro State Park, SLO/Pismo Beach- 2018

It has always been one of Brandan’s bucket list to drive on Pismo and camp out for the day. So we did just that. Our plan was to stop on the way to our next camp spot which was up in San Luis Obispo at Montana De Oro State Park. Entry at Pismo Beach was only $10 for the whole day. We arrived around 11am, drove along the beach and water until finding our spot for the day. We set up our tent, enjoyed the amazing beach, and starting packing up to head out to our spot for the night.

We arrived at Montana De Oro, shortly before dusk. The drive to the campground was beautiful. We set up camp for the night, and let’s just say the night was very long...

We woke up about midnight to banging. We sat there, trying to figure out what the noise was. We soon discovered it was an animal of some sort trapped in the nearby dumpster. Around 5am, we saw the camp host working on trying to open the bin to release the animal. Come to find out it was a racoon that somehow opened the lid, and got himself trapped inside. The camp host says this happens often. Let’s just say we napped for sure that next day! Walking distance from the campground was a dog beach called Spooners Cove. We were super excited to let our dogs run around and play. It wasn’t super crowded when we went, the weather was a tad bit on the cooler side, but we were told it gets pretty crowded down there. We enjoyed the day at the beach and headed back to our site for the day to pack up for some local adventures.

We explored around SLO, hitting up downtown. There were so many local food options, cute shops and walking paths.

Although we wish our stay was longer, we enjoyed the time we had exploring the coast. We headed back to our site for our last night and packed up early in the morning for our drive home. Until next time!


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