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RV Lock- Keyless Entry System

We decided to upgrade our trailer door lock with the keyless entry system by RV Lock. We had seen a few videos of people who had installed a similar system and loved the concept. With the standard key entry we currently have, I feel like we were always asking each other “Do you have the keys?” and it was getting hard to keep track of them. We saw that a sale came up on the RV Lock Keyless Entry System and we figure it would be a good time for the upgrade. We did some more research, ensured we picked the right size for our specific door, and ordered it! The product arrived pretty quickly and install was promised to be pretty simple. So we gathered some tools and headed out the trailer to install!

We purchased the RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad. With this package, it came with the keyless entry pad, as well as a key fob. The key fob allows you to lock or unlock your trailer with the click of one button. We liked this feature because we always get in the car and say “Did you lock the trailer?”. Now, we are able to click the fob from the car and we know that it is locked!

Now for install…Shockingly install was actually pretty easy. For us, we do a lot of the installs ourselves, we usually have some sort of trouble, or the promise of an easy install always ends up taking way longer and is more complicated than expected. I will say, we did watch a few install videos online prior to installing and I think those really helped because the directions that came with the lock, are slightly basic. Now the install was pretty basic, but they do not specify which size screw goes where, or if the door should be closed and latched when setting the code. So there is a slight bit of guessing. The install was done in a matter of minutes. Now came programming. It took us a few tries to get the code switched from the generic preset to the new customized one, but the directions did guide us on if the new code does not take. Installing and syncing the remote fob, was a breeze. Overall install for us was easy and quick.

So now for the pros and cons. I love that it is super easy to access and secure the trailer. The fob is a nice addition because if you load up to head out for the day and you are in the car already, you can easily with the push of a button from the car, lock your trailer and know it is secure. I guess the only con I would say is the door does not latch easily. I am finding that we do need to slam it to shut. But, even before installing the new lock, our door always has to be forced closed. I feel like the new lock did not make it worse, but did not improve it either. The latch on the new system is much easier to handle and feels more sturdy than the standard one we had. So I am not sure if that can even classify as a con, since our door always needed some force to latch shut, but I also hoped that by switching it out, maybe that might have improved it. I did do some research and there are a lot of tips online on how to solve the problem, which we plan to do at some point. I really can’t think of any cons, again not sure if I can even say that the door latching is a problem, since we had that before.

Overall, we are super happy that we installed the RV Lock Keyless entry system. Install was easy, use of product is super simple. The access with the fob, being about to click a button and have it lock or unlock is really nice. It is a more expensive item, again, we purchased on a sale they were having. If you are a full timer, or you travel for longer periods of time, it is worth the money to upgrade hands down.

We hope this answers any questions you may have had, or sparked a new interest in a potential upgrade. You can check out this product on RVLock’s website. Some of their items are also available on Amazon, so be sure to check them out! Let us know if you have any questions!


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