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Should we upgrade trailers?!

I know you are probably thinking, didn’t you just get a trailer....When we first decided we wanted to get a trailer, we got whatever we could tow and whatever got us out there at a low cost the fastest. Being it was our first time with a trailer, we weren’t even sure if it would be something that we would enjoy. Was it going to be too much work? Was camping spaces going to be limited? Was this the trailer of our dreams…no! But did it get us out there… yes! When we purchased our first trailer, we loved it. We did a bunch of cute little upgrades on the inside to make it feel more ours and like home. After a few trips out though and a few months later, we decided we wanted to upgrade into something bigger with a little more space to host friends and for our dogs. Also as we used the trailer, we learned a few things we disliked and loved that we would want to change or have with a new trailer. You really don’t know what works or what you want until you get out there.

We started doing a few small trips with the current trailer, creating a list of what we like and didn’t like, such as not enough counter space, no storage, the bathroom is too small… love the big windows, want more space, a bigger fridge, space for guests, etc.. This is so important when wanting to change, purchase or upgrade! Once you have your list, you take that to a dealer and discuss it with a salesman. Walk in and out of as many trailers as you can. Sit in them for at least 15 minutes, and ask the sales person to give you time. This is a big purchase and your purchase. Don’t let the salesman run the show. Walk around and see how it would be in each trailer. Remember too that pretty much every trailer has the option to be customized. If you can’t find exactly what you want, work directly with the company to build what you specifically. You and your partner will agree and disagree on what you both want. There will be some compromises. We spent countless days and hours at the dealers, walking in and out of the same trailer, seeing if it was really what we wanted. When we finally made our decision, we were super happy with it and we hope that this is a trailer we keep with us for years down the road.

Do I regret our first trailer, absolutely not. It got us out there. It was easy, cheap and taught us what we wanted and didn’t want. So my advice would be get what you can no to get yourself out there exploring. There is always time to upgrade down the road, or change rigs. But for now, if small, or old or used, is all you can get, go for it. Start exploring!


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