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Shrockworks 5th Gen 4Runner Rear Bumper Review

One of the first mods we did for our 5th Gen 4Runner was a rear bumper upgrade. At the time we were looking, there weren't as many options on the market as there are today. We ended up finding Shrockworks and liked the look and features that their rear bumper offered.

We opted for the "everything package". No that's not the real name, and no you won't find that option on their website. We added the rear tire carrier, dual Jerry can holder, Rigid rear bumper lights, receiver hitch, and two rear shackles. We chose to get everything done at once and get it pre-painted with their semi-gloss black powder coat. They do offer a bare steel option if you have other plans for it. One thing we knew when about the bumper once it was all said and done, is that it was going to be heavy.

Right away you can feel how solid it is. The bumper is a full 3/16th steel construction, with 1" thick recovery points that are welded. One thing we really liked is the latching system and handle they use. It gives an easy one hand operation. Also a plus is that it is made in the USA!

Installation was a few years prior to writing this blog so it is a little blurry but we remember most of it. It would be the first time we cut the body, so initially we were a bit nervous not wanting to mess up. Once the first cut was made though, there was no going back. With the bumper cut, came time to mount it. One thing we really did not like was their choice of mounting hardware. Since then, they may have changed over to an updated style, so your results may vary. We did it within a few hours from start to finish in our garage with basic tools.

Other things to note, is that they actually include an LED license plate light, as well as a third brake light. Be aware this is only available with the rear tire carrier model. They also include a spring loaded locking pin to keep the swing arm open. This is where our experience with Shrockworks starts to turn for the worst. Ours unfortunately never came with one, we will touch on later how we still to this day cannot get one.

So let's talk price. The bare bumper without any carrier will run you a significant chunk of change as it is, about $1400 at the time of writing this. Then with the additions depending on what you choose, it begins to add up quickly. Before you know it, you are looking at almost $3000 with shipping. Spending that much money on a rear bumper, you tend to have higher expectations.

Fast forward about 3 years of running the bumper, and let's talk about how we feel about it now. We began to notice small problems here and there over time. One of the first issues, was one of our rear Rigid bumper lights failed. Although this is not Shrockworks fault, we felt it was important to include. As of now, it looks like Shrockworks has switched over to using Baja Designs S2 lights now in their rear bumpers, and the Rigid lights are no longer an option. Our next issue arose when our swing out began to sag. It had gotten so bad, that when attempting to close the rear latch, the bumper would be off by almost two inches. At first we thought it was a weight issue, but realized, we haven't added anything extra besides the items to their respective mounts (hi-lift, jerry cans, spare tire). From there we tried to aliviate some of the weight by switching to a single jerry can rather than the dual. We attempted to reach out to Shrockworks to get their opinion, and was left in the dust. No response or acknowledgement on two attempts. We made another attempt to contact Shrockworks on two different channels several months later to see if we could buy a replacement spring loaded locking pin. The one that was missing from our original order. We could not get a hold of them once again, and at that point have given up.

Beyond their lack of customer service, the bumper itself does have some things we dislike. Like any other swing out, something to keep in mind is how annoying it will get to open your trunk sometimes. We tend to find ourselves lowering the rear window or going into the side rear doors just to reach the trunk to avoid having to deal with the swing out. So if you plan on using your trunk a lot, you may want to consider how much more work it will be to get in and out. We also wish they would provide better wire routing options. Unfortunately there aren't any pretty ways to get wires to the license plate or rear camera relocation area without having them exposed.

While we have received many compliments on the bumper, in all honesty I wish we would have spent our money elsewhere.


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