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Time for a change of adventure!

After much discussion and debate, we decided it might be time to upgrade our setup. We have the two of us and our two fast growing labs! Now if you can imagine, they are about 60 pounds right now, and we are carrying them up the ladder into our roof top tent. The four of us all stay in the tent. And by we I mean Brandan is lifting them. While the dogs have this system down, going up and down for potty breaks and in the morning, it’s a lot. We talked about different options and if we wanted to get a travel trailer and we decided to just go and look and see what options we had with our current vehicle being the tow vehicle. It didn’t take us long to realize a travel trailer would be a great option for us. Some of the things we liked was that we could tow the trailer with our current vehicle, drop it at our campsite and still be able to offroad and explore in the 4Runner. We decided we wanted something small and cheap. Something to get us out there but not break the bank. We ended up purchasing a 17ft Real Lite Mini Travel Trailer by Forest River.

We came back about a week later to pick up our new home away from home on wheels. We were super excited, but also very nervous. There is a lot when it comes to trailers. We were super thankful for the dealer giving up the most detailed walk through. We felt ready to hit the road! We left the dealer and headed to a local campground to do a shake down test run! It is a lot more work than our previous set up that is for sure, but I will say, it is way easier with the dogs and for us! I am sure there will be times we miss our old set up and the places we got to camp being more mobile, but we are excited having a new way to get out and adventure.


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