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Trailer Sway...White Knuckle Driving

Everyone’s worst fear is trailer sway. Pulling your trailer should not be a white knuckling task. Our first trailer was a 20 ft travel trailer which we pulled with the 4runner. When we purchased the trailer, it came with the equalizer hitch. Don’t get me wrong that hitch was great, but you still have sway or pull when you passed a semi truck or if there any winds. When we upgradged to our current trailer, which is about 35ft, we transferred over that same equalizer hitch to our new F-250. It was rated for this set up, but now that we were able double in size, sway was a serious issue. Pulling the trailer was not longer fun and exciting, but a stressful white knuckling experience. We heard about the Hensley company, and that the sway is almost completely eliminated with their hitches. We then saw the price and said no way! I mean we are talking over $3500 for the hitch. But then we realized after a few more trips of sway, that something needed to be done because we were too stressed out. We called and spoke with the reps over at Hensley and told them what our concerns and current issues were. They promised us that their product would fix all of our issues. Let’s me honest what company wouldn’t promise you that. But then they told us their product is money back guaranteed, if it does not hold up to its name, they will refund us. Plus, you are lifetime upgrade options. So lets say later you upgrade cars, or you get a lift, they will send you your new receiver, or put that money of your current hitch into a new hitch such as a 5th wheel if we ever upgraded. So your value is still there in the trade. We said what the heck, let’s give it a try and if it doesn’t work, we return it. We ordered it and shortly later, the hitch arrived. Well worth the money. Sway is almost eliminated with the hitch. I say almost because let’s me real, it is impossible to completely eliminate sway and Mother Nature with wind. But I will say there have been several trips that we would not have made without this hitch. No longer are we stressed out about pulling the trailer. We can now drive and enjoy the journey and travel farther because we can travel at a higher speed with reassurance. You really can’t put a price on safety and this was a most for us!

Alright let’s get into the details. Unboxing and Installing:

The boxes arrived, I think it was a total of three very heavy boxes. It came with detail directions and install was supposed to be easy. I will say we had a really hard time. We spent several hours working and trying to trouble shoot the install, but we didn’t have much luck. We thought maybe the jack on the one side was defective, but we just couldn’t seem to figure it out. We left the trailer after several hours feeling defeated. The next day Brandan called Hensley and talked with them to troubleshoot and come to find out it was a simple screw that was loosened and that needed to be secured and our problem was instantly fixed. We sent them videos and photos, they went through everything, diagnosed the problem and we were set. Install was a breeze after that. I don’t know if I can necessarily blame Hensely for this. I don’t know if we messed with it too much prior and during install, causing it to loosen, or if it was their fault from the factory. We watched countless videos of people installing and most did great. Like I said, once we fixed the problem, we restarted the whole set up and were done in a matter of an hour. Again, no sure I totally blame Hensley for our troubles, and the best part was that their team was so nice and we were able to talk us through the problem over the phone. So their customer service is a total win! We also receive the wrong hitch receiver, they quickly sent us a new one and we shipped the old one back, with no issues. Overall, minus our hiccup, install normally should be a breeze, and even with our trouble, their customer service made up for it.

Hooking up

Now with hooking up, this is a totally different set up than your typical ball and joint. With some practice, and when I mean some, I mean a lot, we have become much quicker. I would actually say that attaching and disconnecting might be quicker than the previous equalizer hitch. Doing the hook up on your own, will take some time and it is much easier with someone to guide you into the receiving end.


Towing is night and day with this trailer. While sway and movement of the trailer is not completely eliminated, it is most often not even noticeable. Mother nature and mostly wind, always seem to follow up. No matter where we go, we always tend to follow the wind storms. Previously though, when on a one lane highway, if a semi went past, you were having to brace and correct, now you don’t have any pull towards the passing of a semi.

Overall I think this is the best purchase we made for our trailer and the safety and comfort for us towing. I wish we purchased this sooner, to avoid those stressful tows, but I am glad we have it now. While it is a big ticket item, I can honestly say, there really is no price to safety and having the confidence in your towing and being able to enjoy your travels. If you are considering this hitch, I highly suggest you give them a call. They are so helpful, patient and willing to answer any questions.


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