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Trip Recap: Alabama Hills

With a four day weekend on the calendar we made plans to visit Alabama Hills one more time this year. We checked the weather and it looked decent with mild days and chilly nights. Next thing you know, the 4 Runner is packed and we will be in Lone Pine in about 4 hours!

Luckily we had a spot saved for us when we got there, because it was a busy weekend. Our first spot was tucked away behind some rocks so we were slightly hidden from our neighbors. While it was great to be somewhat secluded the large rocks did block some of the views of the landscape. Took some car shuffling to find the most level spot for the rooftop tent but we shortly after began setting up camp!

Our first night we started the fire early to keep warm because it got cold quick! Although the rocks blocked the views during the day, some of the best views come after dark. A little inexperienced when it comes to astrophotography, but still managed to capture some photos!

Due to dealing with a knee injury, and having the rooftop tent setup, we didn't explore too far. It was definitely much more of a relaxing trip. We spent a lot of time working on the blog, capturing content, cooking, reading, and just spending quality time together. After two nights at our first spot, we decided to pack it up Monday morning and find a change of scenery. After passing a few good sites, we came up to a site we actually passed by when we first arrived but was bummed to see it was already taken. Lo and behold as we turned the corner, it was empty as can be! We immediately headed to the end of the road and positioned the car.

The views from this spot were nothing short of amazing. Hour after hour the kept getting better, all the way until the sun went down. Then we got to see an unobstructed view of the night sky. As the night was winding down, and we were ready for bed we realized we were in some trouble. The wind began rattling the entire car and tent and it continued to get worse. It was relentless and we barely managed to get any sleep at all. The following morning it had no signs of slowing down, and made packing up just as difficult. Eventually we were packed up and on our way home. What began as a relaxing weekend, ended with us being just as tired due to the lack of sleep our last night. Next time hopefully we can avoid the winds! Until next time Alabama Hills, happy trekking!


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