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Trip Update: Alabama Hills

We're back! Alabama Hills was incredible! With just a weekend free, we decided to take the 4 hour trip up to Alabama Hills for some dispersed camping! The views along the way were great, but once we were settled they just got even better. We arrived later in the day, and spent some time driving around looking for the perfect site to set up camp.

We found this empty spot with plenty of room and decided to set up camp. It wasn't until late that day we noticed one of our fog light cover pieces fell out on the drive in. These things are rumored to be notorious for falling out, but never thought it would happen to us! We decided to take the other one off as a precaution.

The way the light hits the Eastern Sierras is unreal. Throughout the entire day the views were nothing short of spectacular.

Once the sun went down, we got to see what was hiding within the night sky.

We also saw a bunch of meteors! The Perseids gave us a good show for the two nights that we were there! This place is just so wonderful that we see ourselves coming back here a lot! Definitely will be back when the weather gets a little cooler. It went up to 104F during the day and it was pretty unpleasant, so we can't wait to see this place in the fall!

Happy trekking!


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