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Trip Update: Anza Borrego

Got some free time so we packed up and headed out to Anza Borrego for a few nights of camping. We have been here years ago, but not this part of the park and didn't get to camp last time. For an hour and a half drive, this might be one of our new favorite places to getaway for the weekend! We got lucky and ended up setting up camp at this awesome spot with only one neighbor within eyesight.

The views here were great, and the crowds were minimal. With the exception of cars passing by on the nearby main road we only had one group drive by our site. Weather wise it was perfect during the day and then dropped to the 40's at night.

One thing we learned a little too late about this area is the hidden spikes from nearby cacti that were scattered all over the ground. They are the size of a blade of grass and blend in with the dirt. Not a problem unless you're walking around barefoot, or a puppy. We noticed our puppy had these small spikes all over his paws, even though he was never wondering off the dirt patch we were setup at. They must get picked up by the wind and when you start to look for them, you can really see how many there are on the ground. For future visits we will definitely be bringing a large tarp and keeping the puppy in that area only.

There were some mud patches on the way in to the site after some recent rains, and we couldn't help but have some fun!

This was one of the first times we got to get out and take some proper photos with the new bumper on the 4Runner! Looking back at some older photos this upgrade makes a world of difference in the appearance. It matches perfectly with the rear bumper, and we couldn't be happier with the decision!

Overall, we were glad we made the choice to come here, and we will definitely be back. Now that we know what to expect with the spikes on the ground, we will be able to be more prepared. This park is massive and there is so much more to explore. This area was just a small fraction of the overall park which is so crazy to think. Hope to be back soon!


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