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Utah~Sand Hollow State Park

We decided to hit the road and head out to Utah for the winter holiday break. We booked a spot at Sand Hollow State Park, and let me tell you, this campground was amazing. Stunning views, big spacious spots, even full hookups. It was only about $38/per night, for full RV hookups. I don’t think there is a bad spot in the campground, but the spots with the view are on the top level, and they do fill up quick. During the holiday winter season, spots were easier to snag, because it was off-season and a little too cold to enjoy the lake, but the park was fun to explore and there was tons to do locally.

We headed out to explore the local town and found so much to do. I think my favorite thing we did was explore the red rocks at a local park called Pioneer Park in St. George. First off, it was dog friendly, which is often hard to come by. Parking was free, and you were allowed to roam and climb around the red rocks within the park. It was quite crowded and the parking lot does fill up quick, so I do recommend going earlier in the day. But you were able to spread out and explore. Super kid friendly as well. Just remember though, that red sand is like glitter. Wear appropriate shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

We headed out and decided to take a drive down to Kanab. Unfortunately the weather once we got there, decided to change, and we hit a nice little snow storm. We did get out and do a little short hike at Tom’s Canyon, which I would have loved to do in better conditions, but got us out. We had to turn around when the snow started really coming down. Our plan was to do the loop around and hit up Zion National Park on the way back, and maybe do a short hike there as well, but with the snow and rain, we decided just to drive through and enjoy the scenery. There is something special about seeing Zion in the winter. The red rocks with snow caps, just is a sight to be seen.

The next day, the weather cleared up and we headed out to Snow Canyon State Park. I was super excited to head out there and explore. They have a ton of dog friendly hikes and sights to see. We did a good few miles hiking and enjoyed some lunch. This was a beautiful state park. I was definitely come back and explore the area again.

I feel like there was so much to do that we weren’t able to see it all. There were so many hikes, sights, and local shops to explore. We plan on heading out again soon to Utah to explore around some more.


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