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Visiting Our Favorite Place

Mammoth Grant Lake/Virginia Lake -2017

Mammoth Lakes California is home to hundreds of lakes. Remote lakes, secluded, only accessible by foot, and bigger lakes that are heavily trafficked by cars, boats, and a lot of people. Grant Lake, located at the end (or beginning depending on the way you take) of June Lake Loop allows camping right on the lake. There are dirt roads just past the lake, that lead you down along the perimeter of the lake.

At the beginning, you will see larger motorhomes, campers, or trailers. As you progress down, you will mostly see campers, cars and people there just for the day. We are able to pull right onto the sand to camp, or higher up overlooking the lake. We found a nice little spot, only big enough for one or maybe two cars right along the water. We set up camp for the night, and the sound of the water pushing on shore was so peaceful.

The next day we spent enjoying the water, let the dogs run through the beach, taking in the beautiful mountains around. We had a group of about 6 deer come and pass right by our campsite. This was a great spot to camp. We wanted to get some fishing in, and our favorite spot is up in Virginia Lake. We packed up and headed out to Virginia Lake. We had a successful time fishing and decided to stay the night at the Virginia Lake Campground so that we could get up early the next morning and walk over early in the AM in the hopes of catching a few more! This was a nice little campground, but you do have to watch out for bears! Be sure you use the bear boxes for all your food! We enjoyed some of our freshly caught rainbow trout for dinner and headed to bed early for an early morning fishing adventure.

Virginia lake is so beautiful, we really enjoyed just sitting there, taking in the views. We decided to stay one more night at the campground, and head up in the morning back down to Grant lake for our last night. Weather the last day really wasn’t in our favor. It was super sunny and then all of a sudden the winds picked up and we could hear the thunder storm rolling in. Within two hours, the sun was right back out.

The next morning we headed out early to head back home. Mammoth has become one of our favorite places to adventure. There is just so much to do and so much to see here. Along the way we made some notes of some new places we would like to go and stay, and hopefully we will be back soon!


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