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We upgraded...Again!

We decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a bigger trailer. We talked about this previously but we loved our first trailer. It got us out there, it was affordable and we got exposure to the trailer lifestyle. What we quickly learned was the layout wasn't necessarily for us. There were things we thought were awesome, because we never had a trailer, but we learned they were not practical or didn't work for our style. We wouldn't have learned or known these things without driving right into getting a trailer. So I do not regret our first trailer as it lead us to our new home on wheels!

We did a bunch of research, countless hours at the dealer, endless online researching. We created that list on things we loved and disliked about our previous trailer and worked off that on deciding which brand, trailer, etc. We narrowed it down on brand quite quickly. We knew we wanted a Grand Design for many various reasons. Grand Design is a great brand. We loved the quality of their products, we loved the customer service aspect. We just heard so many great things, and once we started looking and comparing other brands, we knew we wanted a Grand Design. One of the big factors, which to us was important, was that in their trailers, the vents are not located in the floor. This again may sound so bogus to others, but we have two labs. They shed like crazy, they bring in dirt, and they love toys and bones. The though of walking over vents, debris and hair dropping in our vents, just did not sound appealing. I know there are covers out for those but again, we have labs, that would just be one more thing for them to play with. Again, that was a big factor for us among the others like quality, customer service and floor plan options.

We decided on the Grand Design Transcend 28MKS. It had a lot of features we were looking for such as a large living space, options to host others, separate bathroom and bedroom, as well as the quality of finishes and color we were wanting.

There really wasn't a lot we wanted to change with this unit, besides the normal decor and accents I wanted to add in, but floorpan wise, we really loved everything about it.

Upgrading is a big deal. We doubled basically the size of our previous trailer, but we also plan to be room to grow into this trailer and we hope to keep it for some time. Again, our first trailer got us out there and it was the affordable way to do it. It provided us that chance to learn what we liked and didn't like and what worked for us and our family.


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